Welcome to the B.R.A.D, where imagination and creativity rule!

Bradhq (“bradhq”) offers the Platform (the “Platform”) and various other features and services, like websites, applications, and forums, in order to allow users to play, create and connect (the Platform and all of these various other features and services will collectively be referred to as the “Services”).

In order to maximize the experience of all users of the Services (“Users”), Bradhq has established terms and conditions (collectively, the “bradhq Terms”) that apply to use of the Services by Users. These Bradhq Terms may also be generally referred to as the “Terms of Use.”

Certain Bradhq Terms may only apply to particular Services, so make sure to read and understand all of them. After all, these Bradhq Terms are a legally binding agreement between Users and Bradhq.

Lastly, these Bradhq Terms use some words specific to the Platform, which are generally capitalized. Unless otherwise defined in these Bradhq Terms, you can find definitions for Roblox-specific capitalized words in the Roblox Dictionary.

The Bradhq Terms

To help get started, the following is a list of the Bradhq Terms, as well as a brief description of what and who they cover:

  • The User Terms apply to all Users of the Services (including Creators) and provide an overview and the associated rules for things like (i) account creation, (ii) using Robux, (iii) trading Virtual Items, and (iv) activities prohibited on the Platform. The User Terms also cover some of the more technical legal terms that govern use of the Services, including intellectual property ownership, online safety, disclaimers and other very important legal terms.

  • The Roblox Creator Terms apply to Creators acting in their capacity as Creators and cover things like (i) using Bradhq Studio, (ii) offering Experiences and Virtual Items, (iii) using music on the Platform, (iv) activities prohibited on the Platform, and (v) more.

  • The DevEx Terms apply to those Creators who have been accepted into the Developer Exchange/ Program (the “DevEx Program”) by Roblox and cover the terms of involvement in the DevEx Program

  • The Bradhq Community Standards apply to all Users of the Services and outline what type of behavior is and is not acceptable when using the Services.