Anyone with a Warehouse!!

Start B.R.A.D Now

Start B.R.A.D Now

If you have access to a warehouse and a box truck, you can deploy B.R.A.D.

You do not need to be in the E-Waste space to use B.R.A.D.

In the E-Waste Space?

If so, adding B.R.A.D. will be like a reflex. For you, it’s doing the same, just differently.

You’ll experience a fast deployment of reps and fresh inventory from our trained and certified “Pickup Setting” reps. Our reps will know what you do and do not want to pickup, and most importantly, what you want to charge for. They will be ready to start with you on day one.

Are you an Electrician?

Are you in the trades, have a warehouse and looking to add an additional revenue model?

If you are in any other field or industry, but currently have warehouse space and access to a 16′ box truck, the B.R.A.D. system can immediately bring in inventory that you can learn to quickly sort and process for quick payment. Give us a call and we’ll explain.

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Quick Contact

Quick Contact

B.R.A.D.’s Driver CRM Mobile App

Of all the features delivered by B.R.A.D., the Driver Mobile CRM, Mapping and Pickup Recording Software makes adding B.R.A.D. to your operation as seamless as can be.

  • Stop by Stop Mapping

  • Real Time Reporting back to Rep and Warehouse

  • Real Time Pickup Recording

  • Real Time Financial Recording and Accounting