Welcome to the B.R.A.D. System.

Electronic Recycling companies hire us to find contractors to set appointments.
These appointments, known as “Pick-Ups,” connect businesses looking to remove their non-working electronics with recycling companies that are willing to pick up the electronics “AT NO CHARGE”!!!
This page has two short videos.
To be considered for the position, both videos must be seen in their entirety.
The first 5 minute video shows a manager, while training a new rep, performing the calls in real time.
Our second video provides detailed information ranging from:
“How Reps Do What They Do” to “Compensation and Expectations”.

Further, this second video shares PROPER CONTACT INSTRUCTIONS for applying to the position.

(NOTE: using the contact information ON THIS WEBSITE will delay your response, if not prevent it altogether)
Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find in the second video…
Your commissions are based on the quantity of items and weight of each pickup.
B.R.A.D. is currently attracting many veteran appointment setters because their commission structure is quite unique.
When companies need multiple pickups each year, the rep earns a commission multiple times each year.
This allows reps that understand the concept of “renewals” to work feverishly for a short period of time to later spend the majority of their time servicing existing repeat clients.
Professional appointment setters, in all industries, are compensated quite well because they make over 150-200 outbound dials each day. B.R.A.D. Reps, however, eventually see their position become mostly inbound, working with numerous repeat customers.

This is a dream for most appointment setters.

If, after reviewing both videos, you feel you would like to speak live with a hiring manager, please provide the three items mentioned in the following video.

We are excited to hear from you!!
-The B.R.A.D. System team