How it Works

It all starts with Trained Pickup Setting Reps.

First, you assign your B.R.A.D. certified Rep a territory. The B.R.A.D. training videos provide time-saving tips and strategies when assigning territories.

Your B.R.A.D. trained rep follows a four-step approach to make sure every small, medium, and large business in whatever area you assign them is called.

If they find a good prospect, your B.R.A.D. CRM records the contact and all info regarding the warm contact.

When a pickup is established, your rep places the pickup into the B.R.A.D. CRM. You select a member of your staff to be the B.R.A.D. “Manager”. The manager then maps each day’s pickups in a time and gas saving method for the driver. The mapping system even alerts a driver when there may be low bridges on the route.

Your driver, using their phone, updates each pickup in the CRM, and follows all prompts when monies are to be collected.

The reps and managers can see the progress of all pickups in real time. Any cancellations, reschedules, or additional pickups are adjusted and confirmed by the driver, while on site.

The B.R.A.D. System offers inventory management from tips and strategies for separating and processing all the way to their partnership with *Genius Technologies.

*Genius provides a near immediate evaluation of almost every item brought into the warehouse.